"Turkeys for Cape Codders Thanksgiving 2023": 330 families (1165 people) received a turkey, grocery store gift card, and quart-sized ice cream from Cape Cod Creamery. Ben & Jerry's provided the freezer space and Palio Pizza donated the pizza for the volunteers.


Some of the organizations that made valuable contributions are:

Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Barnstable

Yawkey Foundation

Advanced Embroidery

The Daily Paper

IAFF COMM Fire Department

Sturgis Charter Public School

JTEC (Job Training & Employment Corporation)

Cape Cod Creamery

Ben & Jerry’s

Barnstable Fire Department

Hyannis Harbor Hawks  (Cape Cod Baseball league)


Many Thanks to all our Supporters !




“Looks like these turkey’s are ‘cooling off’ before the big roast!”

“These friends survived the day’s event without turning into turkey’s themselves!”



“Gobble gobble it’s turkey distribution day! These friends are ‘flocking’ together to make sure nobody gets cold feet about their Thanksgiving feast.”



“Friends who thaw together, stay together!”

“Ready. Set. TURKEY!”

“These guys look like they’re having a ‘Chill’ time hanging out with their frozen turkey buddies!”



“Time to ‘fowl’ around and celebrate our Triumph”