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Selecting the child care program that is right for your child is an important decision.

Child Care Network is here to help you make an educated child care choice whether you are a brand new parent or a family needing after school care. Services are available to families of all income levels.

Additional information about Child Care Program Quality Indicators can be found at Child Care Aware of America Choosing Quality Child Care or EEC Choosing Child Care.

For a search of child care providers in Massachusetts cities and towns outside of CCN’s area, you can go to MASS2-1-1 or the Department of Early Education and Care.

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Finding Child Care

Child Care Network maintains a database of all legally operating early education programs in its communities. CCN will search our database and generate a list of child care providers that meet your needs. CCN does not recommend particular providers. We will assist you in identifying quality indicators in early education programs. Families are encouraged to contact the Department of Early Education and Care, the state licensing agency, for a program’s compliance history.

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Paying for Child Care

The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care provides financial assistance to eligible families seeking help with child care costs. Families must meet income and service need requirements to qualify. Learn more about the income eligibility guidelines.

More About Child Care Subsidy (Vouchers)

Families enter the state subsidy (called a voucher) system through a few avenues. They may be referred by another agency such as DTA (Department of Transitional Assistance) or DCF (Department of Children and Families). Or, they may be contacted after applying to the state Income Eligible waitlist. Families will meet with Child Care Network staff, review their documents (as needed), confirm their eligibility, and receive a voucher valid for up to one year.

Child Care Network staff will have a family complete documents depending upon the family’s situation such as whether the adult is self-employed. At this link you will find forms that may be used during eligibility assessment. Families will get the documents from Child Care Network when scheduling an appointment. Or, families can contact CCN for assistance. Appointments cannot be completed, and vouchers cannot be issued, if documents are missing or incomplete.

CACCI Resource List

CACCI/CCN stays in contact with many other local, state, and national organizations so we can inform you of other resources in the community.

Head Start – Plymouth

Head Start is a federally funded early education program for children up to five years old. Eligibility is based on a family’s income.

Head Start – Cape Cod

Head Start is a federally funded early education program for children up to five years old. Eligibility is based on a family’s income. is a parenting website backed by pediatricians and committed to the attainment of optimal wellbeing for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults.

Brain Building in Progress

Brain Building in Progress is a statewide campaign to raise public awareness and involvement in young children’s healthy development and early learning.

Translation Assistance Form

Temporary Change Form

Special Need/Disability for Parent/Guardian Renewal Cover Letter

Special Need/Disability for Parent/Guardian Initial Cover Letter

Special Need/Disability for Parent/Guardian

Special Need/Disability for Child

Simple Lease

School Closure Only Form

Review Process

Residency Confirmation Form

Parent Transportation Request Form

Parent Enrollment Confirmation Form

Parent Contact Information

Last Day of Employment – Parent

Last Day of Employment – Employer

Household Income Statement Form

Household Composition Form

Financial Assistance Agreement Form

End of Placement Form

Employment Verification Form – Self-Employment

Employment Verification Form

DTA Parent Certification Form

Confirmation of Provider

CCN Intake Packet

Approved Break In Care Form

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